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"I am an eukaryote organism. My DNA sequence is made up of adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine. Only a small portion of my genome has worked to create me and I am trying to find out what the rest is for!”

I hold a Master of Science degree with specialization in human statistical genetics and bioinformatics, from the Institute of Medical Science (IMS) in the University of Toronto, Canada. My Master's research work was focused on analyzing the human genome at the Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) level, aided by statistics.

I am currently working as a Graduate Student Researcher under supervision of Dr. Etienne Sibille (Deputy Director and Senior Scientist, Campbell Family Mental Health Research Institute) at Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto (Canada). Simultaneously, I am also working with Dr. Martha Ladly's group in the Visual Analytics Lab at OCAD University (Toronto) in capacity of a Computer Programmer, Data Analysts and Project Manager.

I have graduated with a Bachelor of Technology degree with a specialization in Bioinformatics from the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) University, Vellore (India) in 2015.

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Kartikay Chadha
Visual Analytics Lab
205 Richmond Street W.
OCAD University
Toronto, ON (M5V 1V3)

+1-(416) 706-6161
kartikay.chadha2011@gmail.com kartikay.chadha@mail.utoronto.ca root@kartikaychadha.com

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Last Updated: 1 May 2019


University of Life

University of TorontoMaster of Science September 2015 - September 2018

I have undertaken the Master of Science program offered by the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto. My specialization is in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), human statistical genetics and bioinformatics.
My research project focus on to develop computational algorithms to statistically identify short DNA words that differ in frequency between known regions around trait-associated loci and matched controls. I have worked with data from the Genome-Wide Association Studies and Gene-Tissue interaction (GTex) project.
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School of Cells and Computers

VIT UniversityBachelor of Technology June 2011- May 2015

I graduated in May 2015 from the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) University, India with a Bachelor of Technology degree (Specialization in Bioinformatics).
Bioinformatics is the new era in the world of Science where the biology joins hand with computer science technology. The program offered base knowledge in the areas ranging from cellular biology, genomics, molecular biology to the computer science programming languages and computer algorithms.
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Home of Cool Psychiatrists

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health September 2018- till date

Graduate Student Researcher at Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), (Toronto) Canada, under supervision of Dr. Etienne Sibille. My work is focused on to develop a Relational Database and user-friendly Web Application interface to visualize gene expression data.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health September 2015- September 2018

Graduate Student Researcher at Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), (Toronto) Canada, under supervision of Dr. Jo Knight (CAMH) and Dr. Andrew Patterson (Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto) until September 2018.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health December 2014 - May 2015

Undergraduate Research Placement at Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), (Toronto) Canada for 5 months (December 2014 - May 2015) to work on the project “Designing an Algorithm for the prediction of genetic mutations that influence Alzheimer’s disease” under the supervision of Dr. Jo Knight.

Decoding History with Computers

York University April 2019 - till date

Computer tools developer and visualization expert at The Harriet Tubman Institute at the York University under the supervision of Dr. Paul Lovejoy since April 2019.
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Fusion of Artists and Scientists

OCAD University November 2015 - till date

Research Assistant and Project Manger in the Visual Analytics Lab at OCAD University under the supervision of Dr. Martha Ladly since November 2015.
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OCAD University Mitacs Inc June 2014 - August 2014

Fully sponsored 12 week MITACS Globalink Research Intern in the summer of 2014 at OCAD University, Toronto, Canada to work on the project “Postcard Memories” under supervision of Dr. Martha J Ladly.

Genes and Numbers

Data Science Institute, Lancaster University September 2016- January 2017

Visiting research graduate student at the Data Science Institute in the Lancaster University. (U.K.). During this international exchange program, I audited a Human-Computer interaction course and worked on a branch of my Master’s research project.
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Fighting Cancer

Lab P53VIT University, India March 2014- April 2014

One month internship at “LAB P53 - Cancer Genomics Research Centre - VIT TBI”. During this period I assisted the lab in day-to-day activities including data curating of Oncogenes.
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As part of various projects during my undergraduate and Master's program, I have recieved extensive training in dry laboratory as well as some wet laboratory experiments. Working on projects related to Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, I have developed myself as a comfortable user of various softwares/tools including LDLink, SNPsnap, Rasmol, Pymol, BLAST, CLUSTAL W2, Multiple sequence alignment tools, Pair sequence Alignment tools etc. I have some experience of working with SWISS-PDB viewer, Cytoscape, Modeler, Molecular Dynamics Simulations tools. I also have become an expert user of various online bioinformatics databases like UCSC genome browser, dbSNP, NCBI, EMBL, PDB, SWIZZPROT, UNI PROT, DDBJ etc. I can work on computer systems with Windows, IOS, and Linux Operating systems. Also, I have programming skills in various computer languages including C, MySQL (relational database query language) Java, Python, HTML5, CGI, CSS, PHP and web programming. My Master's research has enabled me to develop understanding of statistics and work with quantitative data analysis tools like R and SPSS.
I have worked on multiple undergraduate projects involving extraction of genetic material in the wet lab and have performed various qualitative and quantitative experiments involving techniques like 1D Gel Electrophoresis, Chromatography techniques, Spectrophotometry, Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) etc.
Moreover, I have supervised and mentored research undergraduate students and have experience in peer teaching, maintaining domestic and international collaborations. I am an independent, project-driven researcher, as well as an excellent research team player. I have proven strong communication and presentation skills with ability to work efficiently under high pressure and tight deadlines.

  • Bioinformatics
  • Statistics
  • Computers
  • Biology


  • I met Kartikay in the summer of 2014 when he contacted me to express interest in pursuing an undergraduate placement with me. I was very impressed with him, he was able to articulate his research extremely well and he was exceptionally personable. Kartikay undertook an undergraduate placement in my group and did his Master's under my supervision. Kartikay is hardworking, creative, reliable and intelligent. I recommend him to potential employers.

    Dr. Jo Knight, Professor, Lancaster University
  • Kartikay Chadha joined my research group as a research assistant specialising in health and wellness related data analysis, as a MITACS summer student. He quickly immersed himself in my research group and our research problem, developing a set of analytics related to our qualitiative and quantitative interview processes with Alzheimer's patients in the development of a mobile interactive application to support people living with memory loss. Kartikay assisted us in our research study with test participants and later, in our study with target audience participants who were Alzheimer's patients from Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, and their caregivers. Kartikay has an empathetic attitude towards research with human participants, and a real facility with "humanising" the outcoming data analysis. He always displays a cheerful "can do" attitude and is also very supportive in working with designers and artists who are learning about data visualisation and analytics.

    Dr. Martha Ladly, Professor, OCAD University
  • Kartikay Chadha is a research associate on a major collaborative project in the digital humanities with me. He is a remarkable scholar, combining hard work and discipline with extraordinary talent and creativity. In the relatively short time which we have worked, he has been a close collaborator, responding rapidly to suggestions and advocating for improvements which will streamline and better our work. Working with Kartikay is a delight, and any future employers will be fortunate to have him.

    Dr. Katrina Keefer, Adjunct Professor, Trent University
  • I have been Kartikay's supervisor on his research projects and taken many of his classes as a faculty, during his undergraduate program at VIT University. He is intelligent, dedicated, patient and sincere. It has undoubtedly been a cheerful experience to be his guide as his fresh ideas would always bring a smile on my face. He can well support his innovations with valid assumptions and strong fundamentals. I wish him all the best for his future!

    Dr. Anand Anbarasu, Professor, VIT University

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