Creating a visual language of marks: approaching African identities through data visualization

This research project aims to develop a searchable visual database and computerized algorithm to explore the potential of using body marks in revealing individual identities and origins of enslaved Africans. This database will be supported by thousands of records of linguistic and visual data gleaned from 19th century Registers of Liberated Africans. Our research work may enable the descendants of enslaved Africans to trace ancestors back to actual origins and birthplaces, accomplishing an important step towards addressing the historical trauma and legacy of enslaved persons. Our methodological approach and database visualization tool will also support the academic community and the public at large.

Principle Investigotors:
Dr. Martha Ladly , OCAD University, Canada.
Dr. Katrina Keefer , Trent University, Canada.

Dr. Paul Lovejoy , York University, Canada.
Dr. Dean Rehberger , Michigan State University, USA.
Dr. Mohammed Salau , University of Mississippi, USA.
Dr. Abubakar Babajo Sani , Umaru Musa Yar'adua University, Katsina.

1 September 2018 - 10:28PM (EST) :
V1.0 Beta Testing version of "Language of Marks" Collaboration Web-Portal is now available Here
For access to the portal please email Dr. Martha Ladly and me !

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